Core Values

Core Values

Our entire Supply Chimp team shares the same vision, and we live that vision in our work and communities. Our Core Values are truly at the core of who we are and all that we do.

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We focus our energy on developing relationships because relationships are at the core of all we do. We simply refuse to lose our humanity in the transactional world. Our overall happiness and success depends on it.

What are you doing to nurture your relationships?
We take ownership in everything we do. Owning it requires risk and commitment, but you're rewarded with expertise and a true sense of accomplishment. If you're not taking any real risks then you'll never get any real rewards.

Are you owning it?
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We are passionate about what we do. From customer service to product knowledge, we love every bit of it. We believe that choosing a positive perspective every day allows us to truly make a difference.

Need a positive pick-me-up?
Shawn Achor, CEO of Good Think Inc. has some tips.

#bepassionate #bepositive
We are passionate about our products and service, but we are obsessed with making the world a better place. From school & non-profit donations to volunteering and serving in our communities, we pride ourselves on being a part of something bigger.

Get out there and do something that matters!
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We encourage & promote innovation because we strive to be our best at everything we do. Innovation ignites growth, as well as new opportunities & working on these collectively unlocks our full potential. Ultimately, this leads to success.

Go forth and innovate!

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